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How long can you expect the enhancement to last?

In this UroFill® video, Dr. Shenelle N. Wilson, MD, describes the expected lasting effects of the patented girth enhancement technique that can be used to help shape and sculpt the penis.

What sets the UroFill® technique apart?

In this UroFill® short, Dr. Shennelle N. Wilson explains why Urofill is in a lane of its own!

First Female UroFill™ Provider in the US: Shenelle N Wilson

@DrPaulPerito Introducing Dr. Wilson @shenellewilson7882 as the newest certified Urofill provder and only female in the US! Dr. Wilson is a board-certified urologist, an excellent implant surgeon. A true Steward of the Penis™ Professional! Find out more by visiting:

Penile Girth Enhancement now offered at Metro Atlanta Urology and Pelvic Health Center

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How much girth can I expect to gain?

In this video Dr. Wilson (Certified Urofill provider) Answers a commonly asked question about.

How is the Penile Girth Enhancement procedure done?

Dr. Wilson describes the process through which the Urofill patented girth enhancement technique can be done in office with no downtime. For all information visit: or call us at 404-913-2891

Bladder Leakage Overview and treatment options

#bladder #pelvicfloorhealth #incontinence @metroatlantaurologyandpelv5596 we have treatment options for bladder leakage! Call us today at 404-913-2891 or visit us online at #bladder #pelvicfloorhealth #incontinence

Where should you get penile girth enhancement done?

Dr. Wilson answers the key question as to why and where you should get penile girth enhancement done by a qualified professional.Visit us now at or call 404-913-2891