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Pelvic pain is sudden, constant, or intermittent pain that occurs in the lower abdomen and pelvis. Many women typically have cramps during their period, but any pelvic pain beyond that may indicate another issue. Although less common, men may experience pelvic pain too, which can be caused by infection or prostate and urinary problems. When unexplained pelvic pain becomes chronic (lasting for six months or longer), it may be time to seek medical treatment. At Metro Atlanta Urology and Pelvic Health Center, Dr. Shenelle Wilson provides treatment for pelvic pain. Contact our office in Kennesaw, GA to schedule an appointment, and receive the relief you deserve.

Pelvic pain can vary in severity and may occur when you urinate, during or after sexual intercourse, or when you are constipated. It can be the result of a bladder condition, a sexually transmitted disease, kidney infection, inflamed prostate (prostatitis), abnormal uterine growth (fibroids), endometriosis, or other conditions. A thorough exam and diagnostic testing will be performed to allow Dr. Wilson to find the cause of your pelvic pain. Your treatment will depend on the cause and severity of the pelvic pain. Some of our treatment options include antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, pelvic floor therapy, and surgery.

I met Dr. Wilson thru a referral before a prolapsed uterus that was causing me to have difficulty passing my urine. She treated me like I was family. She told me what my options were and made sure that I understood. Covid lockdowns pulled the plug on my plans and Dr. Wilson moved her practice north out of Atlanta. It took me several months to find her after Covid restrictions were lifted. She was the doctor that I trusted my body and my life with. She is warm, caring. professional individual, who just happens to be the best doctor for the job. I highly recommend her for anyone who needs help with GYN and Urology issues. She is wonderful!

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Dr. Wilson is amazing great wonderful doctor she will pay attention all the your concerns and words She’s care about her patients Actually all the Georgia Urology doctors are great doctors and staff members are very friendly and helpful

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She's about the most personable, nicest, caring, down to earth doctor I have ever met in any medical field. I love her to pieces. I want to invite her over for dinner. -Wanda Massey

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Pelvic pain can mean something is wrong with your reproductive organs so it's important to pay attention to your symptoms. At Metro Atlanta Urology and Pelvic Health Center, we take every patient's unique concerns seriously. Dr. Wilson offers effective treatments to help alleviate your pelvic pain symptoms and improve your quality of life. Contact us to schedule an appointment at our office in Kennesaw, GA.

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