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Men's Health

Erectile Dysfunction

If you are consistently having trouble attaining or maintaining an erection suitable for sexual intercourse, you may have erectile dysfunction.


If you and your partner would like to prevent pregnancy, a vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure that blocks sperm from entering the semen.

Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie's disease causes the penis to become curved or bent when erect due to built-up fibrous scar tissue, leading to pain and worsening symptoms.

Low Testosterone

When men have low testosterone, many physical and psychological symptoms, like mood swings, low sex drive, hair loss, and infertility, can manifest.

Male Infertility

We can treat men in Kennesaw, GA with infertility issues, like the inability to produce sperm, abnormal sperm function, hormonal imbalances, and more.

Elevated PSA

Elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels may indicate the presence of prostate cancer, prostatitis, an enlarged prostate, or other issues.

Enlarged Prostate

An enlarged prostate, or BPH, may block urine from flowing out of the bladder, but it can be treated with surgery or minimally invasive methods.

Penile Enhancement

Penile enhancement is ideal for men who are looking to increase the size of their penis for improved libido, orgasms, pleasure, and sexual wellness.
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